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January Horse Illustrated
Yoga On & With your Horse

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October USDF Connection

Life Hacks: Dressage Edition

August The Horse

Keeping schoolmasters happy and healthy often takes into account factors unique to their situation, from carrying different riders to sharing saddlery. Dr. Harry Werner of Werner Equine, Dr. Carolien Munsters of Moxie Sport Analysis & Coaching and Utrecht University, Paula Pierce of Mount Holyoke College, and Corrine Lettau of Denver Equestrians share their insights.

August Horse Illustrated

Fit to Ride 3: Core Strength for the Trails

Summer Equestrian Vaulting

Basic Lateral Work for Vaulting Horses

June The Horse

Bit, Noseband, Spur, and Whip Lesions in Competition Horses Studied

May The Horse

Making the most of small horse properties with Dr. Carissa Wickens of the University of Florida, Dr. Karl Hoopes of Utah State University, sport horse breeder Yolanda Mayes, and dressage trainer Patience Prine-Carr.


Everything you need to know about insect-bite hypersensitivity with Dr. Rosanna Marsella of the University of Florida and Dr. Julia Miller of Cornell University

Arabian Horse Life Issue #3

April Equine Journal

Chantilly, France: Where Horse History Lives On

April Horse Illustrated
Fit to Ride #2: Five-Minute Warmup 

Spring 2018 Equestrian Vaulting

Cross-Training for Vaulting Horses

March Horse Illustrated
Fit to Ride #1: Rebuilding Strength to Ride After Time Off

January The Horse

Dr. Frank Andrews of Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Dr. Sue McDonnell of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine share insights and strategies for addressing equine gastric ulcers.

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December The Horse

Rehabilitation options for lower-body pain and injury with Dr. Carrie Schlachter and Dr. Stephen Denton

December Gypsy Horse Journal

Insider tips for showing Gypsy Horses in hand

Arabian Horse Life Issue #6

Tips for Both Sides of the Leasing Equation

November The Horse

October The Horse
Rehabilitation options for upper-body pain and injury with Dr. Carrie Schlachter, Dr. Stephen Denton, and Dr. Nicole Rombach

August Quarter Horse News

July The Horse

June The Horse

June USDF Connection
(United States Dressage Federation)

Extreme weather events are becoming more common. Get your equine disaster plan in place before the big one hits!

Spring 2017 Equestrian Vaulting

May The Horse

Do's and don'ts of wound care, from discovery to recovery.

April Equine Journal

Pest Control Tips for the Stable


5 Judge's Tips for Your Best Dressage Test

January The Horse

Five complications veterinarians might encounter toward the end of a mare's gestation, with expert advice from Colorado State University, Select Breeders Services, and the University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center.

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December The Horse

Modern Arabian Horse Issue #6

December Equine Journal

Saddle-worthy fitness when you're stuck in the office! Exercises from Grand Prix dressage rider and fitness expert Debbie Rodriguez, founder of Success in the Saddle equestrian workouts.

November Horse Illustrated

Rhythmic, uphill swing, or one hot mess? 4* event rider Leah Lang-Gluscic shares her top tips for your canter woes.

October The Horse

Modern Arabian Horse 2016 Issue #5

Pilates for Riders

October Horse Illustrated

Calm and confident or spooky and silly? You can choose, according to Tristan Tucker, whose TRT Method addresses the intersection between the horse’s natural instincts and our human environment.

September The Horse

September Horse Illustrated

Back to Schooling: tips for more productive practice sessions

July Equine Journal

Combine training with trail riding for the best of both worlds with tips from trainer Cathy Drumm.

Modern Arabian Horse 2016 Issue #3

Eat, Drink & Be Horsey! Barn Party Potluck Recipes

June Equine Journal

Pro Tips Column with Grand Prix dressage rider Beth Sproule-Hansen.
Part 3: Heading to the ring.

May The Horse

Expert researchers share the latest in tick-borne diseases in horses.

May USDF Connection

Should you sign up for that dressage clinic? Expert guidance- plus how to get the most out of the experience, whether you ride or audit.

United States Dressage Federation Official Podcast

eTrak USDF Online Learning

May Equine Journal
Pro Tips Column with Grand Prix dressage rider Beth Sproule-Hansen.
Part 2: Making the most of your show warm-up.

May Horse Illustrated

Banish the heavy horse tug-of-war for good with tips from Grand Prix dressage rider, Reese Koffler-Stanfield.

April Equine Journal
Pro Tips Column with Grand Prix dressage rider Beth Sproule-Hansen.
Part 1: Making the most out of a schooling show.

April Horse Illustrated

Banish the end-of-winter blues with these tips!

Modern Arabian Horse 2016 Issue #2

Tips for Spring Shedding

February Horse Illustrated

Tips from Pan-Am Gold medalist Kim Herslow on keeping your horse forward-thinking and sharp to the aids!

February Equine Journal

Tips for sitting the trot from USDF Gold Medalist Patti Becker

January The Horse

Staws, doses, BSEs: everything you ever wanted to know about breeding with frozen semen from the industry's experts at Select Breeder Services.

Modern Arabian Horse 2016 Issue #1

Countdown to Spring: 10 Tips to Bust Barn Clutter

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November The Horse

Overseeding, traffic pads and more: everything you need to know to keep turnout as ice- and mud-free as possible, with productive pastures come spring. Expert tips from Dr. Ann Swinker (Penn State University), Dr. Krishona Martinson (University of Minnesota), and Matt Johnson (Equine Facility Design).

November Horse Illustrated

A few tips and tricks are all you need to improve your horse's transitions; Patrick King tells us how.

August Equine Journal

Ready to mix up your schooling with cavalletti fun? Learn the basics in August's Equine Journal, complete with Q &A from the cavalletti expert, Ingrid Klimke. Photography by Sheryl Verbistki Photography and demo riding by Veronica Brennan with El Capitan.

August The Horse

It seems that equine internal parasites aren’t the only ones becoming resistant to the products commonly used to treat them: the donkey chewing louse is developing resistance against pyrethroids, a common class of insecticide used against lice. The search for new lice treatments is on, and researchers from the United Kingdom believe that simple essential oil solutions could be one answer. Lavender and tea tree oils to the rescue!

July Horse Illustrated

Not too fast, not too slow: tempo control with Grand Prix rider and former USEF Young Rider Coach, Jeremy Steinberg.

Equine Journal's Health and Nutrition Guide

Everything you ever wanted to know (and lots that you didn't even know you need to know) when reading a feed bag label with Middle Tennesse University's Dr. Rhonda Hoffman.

June Horse Illustrated
Expert advice for healthy hooves on

June Equine Journal

Why should you stop feeding your horse corn oil? What's a ration balancer? Is there really no such thing as a low-carb diet for horses? All this and more with Dr. Clair Thunes of Summit Equine Nutrition.

May Horse Illustrated

Warmbloods: Form follows function and function follows form. Top breeders and riders Mo Swanson, Kandi Stewart, Richard Spooner, and Tonya Grant share what it is that makes Warmbloods sport-horse superstars.

April The Horse

Digital Radiography (X Rays), Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Digital Ultrasound, Nuclear Scintigraphy (Bone Scan), and Lameness Locator: what's new and what horse owners should know from top experts in the field- Dr. Kent Allen, Dr. Myra Barrett, and Dr. Jake Hersman.

March Horse Illustrated

March Equine Journal

From horsemanship and sportsmanship to fun and games: The Young Rider's Guide to Pony Club

March The Horse

Equine Journal Dateline

Tales from the horse show night watch

February Equine Journal

'Strong and Supple: Ride the Pilates Way' with Janice Dulak, author of Pilates for the Dressage Rider.

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December 2014/January 2015 USDF Connection

Insiders' tips on prenatal mare care from Dr. David Scofield of Select Breeder's Services; Grand Prix dressage rider and Thoroughbred broodmare expert, Kathy Priest; and Olympic dressage rider and Dutch warmblood breeder, Belinda Nairn-Wertman.

December Horse Illustrated

Grand Prix dressage trainer Heather Blitz unravels the mysterious half-halt. 

November Equine Journal

Fabulous Therapy Horses!

October Horse Illustrated
Two of the world's top competitors, eventer Phillip Dutton and dressage rider Shelly Francis, share their tips on how to handle the 'firecracker' in your barn.

October Equine Journal

'Photo of the Month'


Gypsy Horse trainers Samantha VanSickle of Starfire Gypsy Horses and Daisy Fouts of Stillwater Farm share tips for best handling practices.

How do life’s setbacks bring you to whole new dreams? Just ask Cambry Kaylor, a young and vibrant equestrian who wears many hats: para-dressage rider, vaulting coach, and American Vaulting Association apprentice judge.


Most people are familiar with riding for the handicapped programs, but did you know vaulting plays a role in therapeutic programs as well? Find out how these equestrian programs are changing lives.

The Horse

September Horse Illustrated
 Dr. Vernon Dryden, DVM, CJF, of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital shares his top tips for healthier hooves.
September Equine Journal
Equine Retirement Options: Keep Those Golden Years Golden
July/August USDF Connection
and United Stated Dressage Federation's eTrak
What to Expect When You're Inspected
 A first-timer's guide to the warmblood keuring process with expert tips from the best of the best: DG Bar Ranch's Willy Arts, Hilltop Farm's Natalie DiBerardinis, and Little Bit Farm's Ken Borden, Jr.
Everybody loves talented equestrians on beautiful horses. How about adding to the mix athletic feats like handstands and leaps? Then kick it up a notch with unique costumes and multiple horse/vaulter combinations performing simultaneously. The icing on the cake: a country-western singer. What could possibly be so cool? Meet the Gymnastics on Horseback Association (GOHA), a Utah-based a vaulting performance group.
August Equine Journal
For two show-stopping weeks in August and September, the world's best in show jumping, dressage, three-day eventing, vaulting, combined driving, endurance, reining, and para-dressage converge on Normandy, France to celebrate elite horse sports in the World Equestrian Games (WEG).
Grand Prix dressage rider Kathy Von Ertfelda shares her tips for introducing half-steps, the building blocks for piaffe and passage.
June Horse Illustrated
Whether your greatest nemesis or your BFF, feelings about mares run strong among riders! Read how top riders have broken the code on what it takes to bring out the best in their female mounts, as well as veterinary insight from an equine reproduction specialist in 'The Mare Mystique.' Interviews with Colorado State University's Dr. Ryan Ferris; Canadian Olympian Hawley Bennet-Awad on her partnership with Gin & Juice, one of the top eventing mares in the world; and Pete and Tamra Kyle with A Ruf Gal, 2013 USA Reining Horse of the Year and USEF International Horse of Honor. 
June The Horse
With an eye toward understanding how to produce the most viable semen for artificial insemination, researchers at the University of Liège’s Clinique Vétérinaire Universitaire in Belgium examined the link between non-sperm cells (NSC, epithelial cells or cellular debris present in fresh semen) and myeloperoxidase (MPO, a pro-oxidant enzyme identified in post-thaw semen that is associated with decreased sperm motility).
June Equine Journal
Dr. Kathleen Crandell of Kentucky Equine Research ( gives us the low-down on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in horse feed. Insights into the science and the industry in my June Equine Journal interview.
April Equine Journal
Everything you need to know about supplements for senior performance horses! SmartPak's Dr. Lydia Gray and Uckele Health and Nutrition's Dr. Eleanor Kellon discuss digestion, joints, immune system, and more.
March Blood-Horse
"Eight-five-plus feet of twists and turns." It's no wonder the equine GI tract is prone to colic. Dr. Barbara Dallap Schaer of the Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine's New Bolton Center and Dr. J. Brett Woodie of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital shed light on equine physiology, colic treatment and overall trends in prognoses.  
March Horse Illustrated
Tips for mastering Training Level dressage tests: get the judge's perspective with USEF 'S' Dressage Judge and USDF Gold Medalist Debbie Rodriguez, and the competitor's perspective with USDF Gold Medalist Ken Borden, Jr., producer of countless USEF, USDF and USEA Horse of the Year Winners.
March The Horse
Researchers at Utrecht University's Department of Equine Sciences in the Netherlands found a certain oral supplement containing glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin sulfate did not improve stiff gait in sound, senior horses.
February Equine Journal
Everything you need to know about nosebands in dressage, from the Micklem bridle to the two-finger rule.
January The Horse
Solar foot penetration injuries involving the joints can be career- and even life-threatening.
Equine Journal
2014 Barn & Arena Guide
From post and beam to fabric, tips on choosing the right structure to suit your needs in 'Home Sweet Barn.'
NEW in 2013!!!
December The Horse 
Interesting research out of Colorado State University's Gail Holmes Equine Orthopaedic Research Center in targeting those 'under-the-radar' lamenesses.
December Equine Journal
Grand Prix rider Pati Pierucci shares exercises for introducing collection at lower levels.
November USDF Connection
There's one thing every equestrian has in common: hitting the dirt at some point. Experts Debbie Rodriguez, producer of Success in the Saddle and Laura King, author of The Power to Win take you step by step towards becoming physically and mentally fit to ride again after a tumble. FEI dressage rider Mary Armstrong shares her courageous story of returning to the saddle after two tough falls.
October USDF Connection
Equestrian associations in every discipline require funding to make the sport happen. See how United States Dressage Federation Group Member Organizations large and small secure sponsors and donors.
October Equine Journal
With thier gorgeous mane, tail and feather, Gypsies were made to show in hand! Learn tricks to shine from seasoned competitors.
While horseshoeing has been around for millennia, not every horse owner is familiar with the ins and outs of basic farriery.
Equine Journal 2013 Sport Horse Edition
Who doesn't love a pair of gorgeous boots? Especially when high tech features mean better riding and ultimate comfort!
August Equine Journal
Cover your assets! While insurance may not be number one on your list of things you'd like to think about, liabilty coverage for horse owners is a must-have. See what equine insurance insiders have to say in 'Play it Safe.'
Snaffles, snaffles, snaffles! Eggbutt, French-link, D-ring: it's all here.
July The Horse 
Researchers at the University of Liverpool test the efficacy of one supplement designed to alleviate chronic, idiopathic headshaking.
July Pennsylvania Equestrian
Photo: Patrick King Horsemanship
There’s a real thrill to getting in on the ground floor of a new movement- especially when the fun incorporates skills you likely already possess. So what’s this cool venture? Western dressage, which dovetails western riding with dressage principles.
May The Horse 
Comparisons of results in endoscopic testing at rest versus during exercise reveals the need for both when evaluating racehorse prospects.
May Equine Journal
Banished from the Barn: 5 Easy Methods for a Pest-Free Facility
May USDF Connection
Tips from some of the biggest dressage shows in the country on how to get & keep volunteers, along with the many perks of serving as a volunteer.
April Equine Journal
A must-read for all competitors in United States Equestrian Federation recognized events: 'Code of Ethics: Is That Supplement Legal?' Even many naturally-based ingredients are illegal according to USEF rules.

Spring Draft Horse Journal
Read about Murphy's Law, the first American Shire to successfully compete at the FEI levels in dressage.
April The Horse
How early can you breed postpartum with optimal chances for a successful pregnancy? Texas A&M's Dr. Terry Blanchard discusses recent research in The Horse.
Do you own a gaited horse? Whether tölt, foxtrot, or any other gait, you can thank a genetic mutation for the breed's unique way of going. Read my interview with Dr. Lisa Andersson of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in The Horse.
February Equine Journal
In 'Building a Future' in February's Equine Journal, I discuss youth riders, ponies, and the future of American dressage with Lendon Gray. Read what this ponieer of American dressage and promoter of youth and ponies in dressage has to say.
January The Horse
Researchers at Michigan State University's McPhail Equine Performance Centre find barefoot trimming techniques which show promise for horses with underrun heels and flat-footness; Dr. Hilary Clayton explains.
NEW in 2012!
December 2012/January 2013 USDF Connection
Official Publication of the United States Dressage Federation
Interviews with four-time Olympian Steffen Peters and USEF National Young-Horse Dressage Coach Scott Hassler, spotlight clinicians at the 2013 Succeed/USDF FEI-Level Trainers' Conference
December The Horse
Researchers at the University of California Davies examine similarities between trigeminal neuropathic pain in horses and humans.
December Equine Journal
Top tips for pairing amateur riders with the right sport horse.
November The Horse
A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center finds clenbuterol administration should be limited to two weeks.
Back to Barefoot: pros, cons, research & considerations from the
hoof care experts.
November Equine Journal
DNA Testing for Color Breeds
October Equine Journal
In Vaulting: Join the Fun, Sheri Benjamin, American Vaulting Association President and United States Equestrian Federation Board of Directors member shares the the ins & outs of this exciting sport.
Gaited Sport Horse events are a big trend! Read about gaited dressage and three-phase.
October The Horse
Research out of New Zealand on Cue Mare (Bioniche Animal Health Australasia) with Dr. Dave Hanlon of Matamata Veterinary Services, Ltd.
September Equine Journal
Classic Equine Equipment (USEF's official stall manufacturer) and Precise Buildings (Amish craftsmanship meets high-tech design) share ideas for making your barn an oasis without a complete renovation.
USEF 'S' dressage judge and Grand Prix competitor Tracey Lert shares concrete steps towards achieving a higher score and becoming a better rider.
September Elite Equestrian
Rider=Athlete with Success in the Saddle total equestrian workout DVDs
September Pennsylvania Equestrian
Pennsylvanian 'Tiny Tot' vaulters sweep American Vaulting Association National Festival.
September University of Kentucky's
Bluegrass Equine Digest
'Fencing: Is There a Best Choice?' with the University of Kentucky's Dr. Bob Coleman in September Bluegrass Equine Digest.
August The Horse
Reproductive tract bacteria studied at the Univeristy of Kentucky.
August University of Kentucky's
Bluegrass Equine Digest
Rotational grazing how-to with the Dr. Bob Coleman of the University of Kentucky.
Summer Gypsy Horse Journal
Smart Pak™ Equine's Dr. Lydia Gray and Getty Equine Nutrition LLC's Dr. Juliet Getty share insights in my Gypsy Horse Journal feauture, "The Feed Pyramid: Nutrition for the Gypsy Horse." A must-read for anyone with an easy-keeper of any breed.
July USDF Connection
Dressage clubs across the nation create opportunity and fun in United States Dressage Federation's Group Member Organizations.
July The Horse
Researchers at the Swiss Institute of Equine Medicine come one step closer to understanding equine sarcoids (ES) after successfully locating the chromosomal regions associated with this common semimalignant skin tumor. Read my interview with Dr. Vendula Jandova in The Horse.
The use of early vaccination  to control Australia's 2007 equine influenza epidemic is discussed in my interview with Dr. Graeme Garner of Australia's Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.
June Dressage Today
Dancing white horses, ornate architecture, performances filled with grace and pomp. This isn’t one of the famed Baroque riding schools in Europe, but rather the Heilan International Equestrian Club in XinQiao, an outer suburb of Shanghai, China.Experience this dressage Mecca firsthand with America dressage rider Ana Gilmour.
Photos: Ana Gilmour and Shen Hou Feng
June Equine Journal
Dressage for all disciplines with FEI dressage rider Christina Morris, CCI** eventer Rebekah Simmons, and fourteen-time World Champion reiner Craig Johnson.
DW Equine Photography and Brant Gamma Photos
June University of Kentucky's
Bluegrass Equine Digest
Research at the University of Kentucky on bacterial samples in live-cover breeding. 
May The Horse
Researchers at Brazil's Federal University of Pelotas successfully demonstrate the presence of circulating cell-free fetal DNA (ccffDNA) in the plasma of pregnant mares, opening doors for future prenatal detection of genetic diseases.
May Equine Journal
Declutter, Barn Style!

April Equine Journal
Everything you ever needed to know about Omega-3 & Omega-6 for horses with Dr. Juliet Getty of Getty Equine Nutrition, LLC.
Equine Journal Dateline
Get some some inspiration to kick your fitness program into gear with USEF 'S' Judge and creator of Success in the Saddle, Debbie Rodriguez.
Spring Florida Sport Horse
"Fitness Matters: horses are only half of the equation" with Success in the Saddle
March The Horse
Improved single layer centrifugation techniques offer breeders greater AI options. Read my interview with Dr. Jane Morrell of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences online in The Horse.
February Equine Journal
Tips from Hyperion Stud, Rising Star Farm and Dr. Lucy Tidd on balancing the schedule of stallions who both breed and compete in 'From Show Ring to Breeding Shed.'

Holly Mason of Dressage by Design breaks down the biomechanics of bending in simple exercises anyone can perform. Learn how to transform your horse's way of going in my article with Holly, 'The Learning Curve: Holly Mason's Secrets of Bending.' Illustrations by Sandy Rabinowitz.

Cover story with the beautiful Gyspies of West Hill Ranches.

Winter Florida Sport Horse
Bust that hunch! 'Shoulders Back' with Success in the Saddle in the Winter issue of Florida Sport Horse.
February The Horse
My interview with Dr. Nicola Pusterla, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM, of UC Davies on studies into a vaccine for equine proliferative enteropathy (EPE), an emerging intestinal disease that principally affects weanlings.
Over 70,00 horses were infected during Australia's first ever equine influenza epidemic. The region's animal health authority issued biosecurity guidelines to help curb the outbreak. Simon Firestone of the University of Sydney discusses the effectiveness of these measures in my recent article in The Horse.
February Northwest Rider
'Slouch No More' with Success in the Saddle
January Equine Journal
2012 Olympics equestrian venues and UK riding holidays: indulge your horsey passion in the British Isles.

January The Horse
Research out of Kansas State University's
College of Veterinary Medicine reveals little discrepancy in flexion tests based on duration of flexion. Read this study's findings online in
"Five and 60-Second Flexion Tests Yield Similar Results."
January Northwest Rider
Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that riders are athletes? Check out what Debbie Rodriguez has to say to get you moving in "Rider=Athlete." 
NEW in 2011!
December The Horse
Infallible or not? North Carolina State University's Dr. Luke Borst, DVM, PhD, discusses the safety and efficacy of modified-live IN Streptococcus equi vaccines.
December Equine Journal
Hyperion Stud of Barboursville, Virginia brings Europe's finest bloodlines to the American show jumping market with rising stars Imothep, Zilverstar VDL and Hidalgo Van De Molenberg.

Whether competing in hand at a breed show or presenting at inspections and keurings, bringing out the very best in your sport horse is no small matter. Professional handler Phil Silva of Ten Broeck Farms shares his in hand tips.

November Equine Journal
Every rider dreams of the perfect arena, though what defines that arena can vary from discipline to discipline. Learn about footing materials, depth and more in "Custom Made: Arena Design for Your Discipline."

Fall Gypsy Horse Journal
Color plus conformation! See what goes into breeding fabulous Gypsies in 'Beyond Black & White: Breeding for Color.'

Fall Florida Sport Horse
Beat rider hip pain with strength and mobility in "Pain-Free Hips" with Debbie Rodrigeuz of Success in the Saddle.
Equine Journal 2011 Sport Horse Edition

Dr. Patrick Colahan, DVM, DACVS, of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine discusses Osteoarthritis in Sport Horses. I also take a look at the FEI & USEF rules for banned substances.

Real-world exercises for riders in 'Ready, Set, Get Fit!' with dressage and eventing judge, TD, trainer, instructor & competitor- plus certified personal fitness coach and creator of the Success in the Saddle DVD series, Debbie Rodriguez.

Aubrey Hill:  Pensacola, Florida. Imports, training, sales for hunters, jumpers, equitation and ponies.

Majestic Gaits Sport Horses: standing Navarone, Schroeder and Farrington. Partners with the prestigious VDL Stud in Holland.

Pinto, palomino, cremello, buckskin. Briar 899, Lingh, Art Deco, Walk on Top, Weltstern, Bugatti Hilltop: unique coloring with world-class warmblood lines. Von Duewer Haus Sport Horses.
November The Horse
Research led by Dr. Ray Geor of Michigan State University demonstrates the predisposition of pregnant mares towards insulin sensitivity.
October Equine Journal
Experts from various breeds and roles in the gaited horse industry share their tips on choosing the right gaited horse for you.

Storybook Horse Farm
Canadian Horse Preservation Breeder

Two judges with busy worldwide judging schedules, a top Gypsy Horse breeder and a top trainer of multiple breeds share their tips on showing Gypsy Horses in hand. Grooming feathers, respect from the horse, how to stand out: it's all in here!

September Equine Journal
Sport or art? Explore the role of Baroque horses in classical and competitive dressage with Carol Popp.

September The Horse
Do older horses suffer from a reduced ability to regulate body temperature during exercise? A Rutgers University Equine Science Center team set out to answer this question in a study which examined the propensity older horses exhibit towards hyperthermia, or elevated body temperature, when undertaking physical exercise. See their findings online:

August Equine Journal
Learn how you can support your dressage community while gaining an insider's perspective from the judge's booth in 'Scribing: A Win-Win Situation...Volunteer and Learn.'

August Multilingual Living Magazine
Blending the Multicultural Family: Is There a Recipe?
July Equine Journal
What's the link between good stable management and quality sleep for your horse? Dr. Carey Williams of Rutgers University joins me to discuss equine sleep habits in the July issue of Equine Journal.

June Equine Journal
In Dressage for Mature Riders, Grand Prix competitor Tim Malin,  Mendik Media, Equine Journal, and Competitive Rider team up for multi-media training. Malin's tips, which include how-to in the ring coupled with sports psychology, can be seen in print and as downloads from Competitive Rider.

May Gypsy Horse Journal
Two of the nation's preeminent animal geneticists, Dr. Phillip Sponenberg and Dr. Denny Crews, examine the differences between inbreeding and linebreeding. What do breeders need to keep in mind when a breed's gene pool is relatively small?

May Equine Journal
Dr. Omar Maher of New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center discusses joints and supplements.

April Equine Journal

Interagro Lusitano's Heather Bender and Peter Van Borst, Sons of the Winds' Vitor Silva, Symphony Farm's Margaret Carerra and Cabollos de los Cristiani's Tina Cristiani Veder and Bruno Gonzalez discuss trends affecting Lustianos and Andalusians in the United States. These top trainers, breeders and competitors from Brazil, the United States, Portugal and Spain, who big players in the Iberian Horse industry, share their view on these amazing horses and their future.

In "Outdoor Arenas: Sub Base to Surface" equestrian facility contractor Shane Doyle walks us through every aspect of outdoor arena design, from site planning and permits to drainage and surface materials.

March Equine Journal

In "Friesian Distinction: The Star Predicate and Beyond" Iron Spring Farm's Mary Alice Malone, Friesian Connect's Arlene DeBoer and FHANA's executive director, Jason Tice explain the complex structure of the Friesian's keuring system.

Winter Gypsy Horse Journal
 The fifth installment of my "Show & Tell" series in Gypsy Horse Journal focuses on showing Gypsy Horses in-hand with insider tips & show commentary.

February Equine Journal
Master the Extended Trot in "Ride Extended Trot with Pizazz"- South American trainer Julio Mendoza shares tips and tricks for riding this thrilling gait.

January Equine Journal
"Inspection Intervention: Tips to Ace the Keuring" with iconic American warmblood breeders Hilltop Farm, DG Bar Ranch and Silver Creek Farms

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