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January 2009: Understanding Ueberstreichen, which appeared as a dressage feature in Equine Journal's 2008 Sport Horse Edition, was nominated for a 2008 United States Equestrian Federation Pegasus Award. Exceptional Grand Prix competitors and trainers Shawna Harding and Heather Bender, both based in Florida, provided their expertise for this article. The Pegasus Awards honor outstanding equestrian media.
Dressage "S" judge and certified personal trainer Debbie Rodriguez offers a Hip Lift exercise to reduce back and hip pain.
One of the best results gained from improving your fitness is reduced back and hip pain. As the muscles surrounding your spine and hips get stronger, they support the joints more effectively. A pain-free rider is also a more empathetic and effective rider.
Hip lift exercises really address the lower back and hips. This dynamic move stabilizes your core and activates your glutes. You can easily isolate one hip at a time and do variations of the hip lift. This teaches your body to stabilize one part while activating or engaging another independently, which also addresses rider imbalance.
Increased mobility and strength reduces the wear and tear riding places on your hips. Best of all, it helps reduce hip and back pain. Hip lifts are a go-to move for me! To learn more, visit and
Here is a sample press release for the equestrian fitness DVD series, Success in the Saddle.
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